minimizing the interruption of a shutdown is critical. 


When possible, we schedule a shutdown in advance and communicate to all personnel who will be affected. We pick the hours that will least impact the operation of business, and we employ redundancies upon redundancies to ensure an optimal outcome.

Basically, we take care of the people issues as well as the mechanical issues.

Procedure, Protocol


We install and service all types of pumps, large and small.

  • domestic water valves
  • steam valves
  • high pressure valves
  • circuit setters
  • industrial pools
  • Water line repair replacement
  • chemical injection systems
  • valve replacement
  • chiller lines
  • Leaking pipes
  • air lines
  • Back flow install
  • system shutdowns
  • Gas piping
  • acid waste
  • pipe insulation
  • pump replacement
  • Furnaces
  • Heat Pumps 
  • boilers
  • processing equipment
  • gas regulators

Services List

system shutdowns


Our experience in system shutdowns creates a seamless experience with no unforeseen complications.

  • large circulating pumps
  • large sewage injection pumps
  • pressure pumps
  • injection pumps


CCB #214060

Industrial Services

gas piping

We will take care of all your industrial gas piping needs.

valve replacement

Proper shut-off valves insure your system runs optimally.

  • valve and pipe replacement
  • equipment install
  • leak repair
  • timing and redundancy
  • extensive pre-planning